C/ Rubí , 13, 2º, 1ª
07002 PALMA DE MALLORCA (Baleares)
Tel. 971 715 883  Fax 971 715 667

Priority areas of work

  • Law in all its branches
  • Medical-Legal
  • Administrative law
  • Social law, work / employment and labor
  • Decennial responsibility of Construction
  • Wealth tax liability of the Administration
  • Leases
  • Family and Marriage
  • Criminal Law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Trade Law
  • Labor Law


The Law Firm Forteza-Rey was founded by Mr. Nicolas Forteza-Rey Forteza  in 1941 in Mallorca, with over 68 years of experience and continued practice in different areas of law. The law firm is currently led by Mr. Ignacio Forteza-Rey Bover  and his son Michael and  daughter Maria del Mar, with the assistance of various partners.

Headquarters  Forteza-Rey lawyers

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